What is open data?
Open information means publicly available digital information resources, which are presented in machine-readable format (can be read by the machine) and which will be unchanged (according to the law "On receiving information") to be used more often or will be reprinted. In other words, open information is available data of government institutions of the country printed in a machine-readable format that can be created using information, services and applications for various purposes.
What is the open data portal needed for?
An open data portal is an information system that provides publicly available information from government bodies and other organizations in a machine-readable format for the re-use of copyrights, patents or other means of control without restrictions.The open data portal is part of the Open Government, open to transparency between the state and citizens. The portal is primarily designed to help anyone who needs information from government agencies.
What data is available and who publishes it?
Open data is published by government agencies pursuant to the Laws: “On Information Access” and “On Information, Informatization and Protection of Information”. The other information holders publish it on their own initiative and in accordance with citizens’ requests. Government agencies approve the lists of open data and publish such data on the portal according to those lists. In the event that in the lists there is no data you are interested in, you may request it from government agency. On the data.gov.az portal, the data of central government agencies, executive bodies of republican-status cities and regions are published in different categories: Education, Health, Communications, Statistics, Culture, etc. You may select data according to categories or to government agencies. A variety of data is presented on the portal, such as: description, contact details, business hours, geo-location, etc.
How can the data be used?
You can use the data in various ways, such as: analyzing changes in one area or comparing various parts of government operation. Developers can create helpful applications using basic data, so that such applications can be used later by anybody else. One can also use a new API (Application Programming Interface) which provides multitude of capabilities. Detailed information on API operation is available in the subsection “About API” in the section “Data”.
What data is available via API?
All open datasets published both with the help of portal workstation and through integration are available via API. API is a set of ready-to-use classes, procedures, functions, structures and constants provided by an application /library/ service or operating system for the use in external software products. It is used by programmers when creating various applications. This allows getting data through direct requests to the system, which is convenient for developers and other portal users. Detailed information on API operation can be found in the subsection “About API” in the section “Data”.
What is metadata?
Metadata is the data related to supplementary information regarding content or facilities. Metadata discloses information on characteristics and properties describing some entities which enable automatically searching and managing them in large data flows.